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Starting the journey in 2019 with four passionate software expertise: ODOX today is a trusted software development venture; expanding beyond its current operation in INDIA, UAE and SINGAPORE. Established as a Research and development division, ODOX is looking forward to broaden its area of interest for developing innovative solutions catering to trends of digitization. With our committed, enthusiastic and versatile team your problems are our service. We keep exploring the possibilities of software development at its best to change the way you work to fuel your growth.

Re-imaging Healthcare Services - OXAP

Primarily researching on Odoo Development, ODOX is proud to introduce its new in-demand product - OXAP. 

 Doesn't the "dreary wait" to consult a specialist with heap of medical record make us sicker than being a patient? Or the long, confusing consulting and exhausting queues that makes us distraught and our companion disturbed? Don’t we deserve a better service? It’s a patient’s necessity, a doctor’s desire but our committed service to enhance the way medical platform operates.

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Odoo based ultimate clinical ERP solution

OXAP primarily enables the automation of electronic medical records with minimal but accurate content. Medical platforms benefiting from its swiftness and data interpretation can provide better management and costumer communication. Integration of multiple treatment solution transforms the working of medical platforms with its centralized database and network of related medical spaces. Compatibility, customizability, scalability, low maintenance and user friendliness makes it an ideal choice. ODOX’s approach makes it easy for companies to get started in medical automation (OXAP) and even easier to expand as business grows.


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